I’m still around

I wouldn’t say that I’ve been away for a while because I didn’t. Truth is I was away for a very long time. Even though I did post some videos up here but it requires almost zero effort.

I do miss typing.

I do miss expressing myself here.

But I always got caught up with work and errands.

Such lame excuses. I need to learn to manage my time better.

It’s getting late right now & I need to go. It’s a brand new week and I gonna hustle for another 12 days before I get 2 full days to rest. & by rest, I mean I still work but just not clocking in as much time as weekdays.

I hope everyone is doing well and be safe! Have a great week!

You’re one brave girl!


On this beautiful Sunday, I’d like to thank the universe & God and everyone else who have been helping and praying for Jingle. We brought her for a review at the hospital today and we’re so glad that Jingle’s wounds are all healing well! But she has to wear sock/shoe for that wounded paw to provide cushion and protection as her pads are mostly gone due to the earlier infection that led to gangrene. Dr said she’s amazing because she is willing to put her foot down and uses it all by herself. So kudos to her for being brave albeit being traumatized! /throws confetti everywhere!!!

By the way, she jumped and hugged me today and my tummy is now quite painful… This girl really doesn’t know her strength. :o