In support of the ALS Foundation (ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease), you are challenged to throw two packets of ice in a bucket of water and over yourself in the time span of 24 hours from being called out! If you complete this challenge, please post this on FB and call out three more people to pass the good deed on! If you decide not to or unable to complete the challenge, donate RM100 to a charity of your choice! Hashtag the charity and share it too!

Challenge accepted! A lil late to post this because I just can’t stand to post any unedited video and I have been OT’ing a lot these days. (I did it within 24 hours from being called out tho, just late to post.) But here it is!


One of my best friends tied the knot! & it’s knot any R.O.M., it’s a tea party!

I’m just so happy for her! She has been with this guy since forever and they finally tied the knot since the time is right now. Duffy & I are so honored to be invited to witness the R.O.M. at such a lovely venue. It was also my first time attending a garden R.O.M./wedding. I wish them nothing but loads of happiness and a lot of wonderful & amazing memories together! I can’t wait to attend their wedding dinner.

Being emotional

Actually things have been pretty rough for me these few weeks. I’m feeling really emotional and it’s a struggle almost every day. Every day, I woke up struggling and still decided to be positive. I want to do good things. I want to have a good day. I want to end my day happily. I want to learn something every day. It all become very difficult few weeks ago. I am crying almost every night to sleep. I would be sleeping and thinking if it’s all my problem. I’m always having this conversation in my head if I’m experiencing all these because of whatever mistakes I made in the past.

Since when being honest and sincere are no longer something that people appreciate? I wonder, some times, why we are still teaching children to be good and honest and sincere and gentle if no one is going to appreciate all these good values when we grow up. I ask myself every day why people wanna pick on others who are trying so hard to be their best and being honest and sincere. I was never a victim of bully when I was young but now I’m experiencing all that. I’m tired of being a victim all the time. I’m sick of being picked on.

I just wanna do good things and be happy.