You’re one brave girl!


On this beautiful Sunday, I’d like to thank the universe & God and everyone else who have been helping and praying for Jingle. We brought her for a review at the hospital today and we’re so glad that Jingle’s wounds are all healing well! But she has to wear sock/shoe for that wounded paw to provide cushion and protection as her pads are mostly gone due to the earlier infection that led to gangrene. Dr said she’s amazing because she is willing to put her foot down and uses it all by herself. So kudos to her for being brave albeit being traumatized! /throws confetti everywhere!!!

By the way, she jumped and hugged me today and my tummy is now quite painful… This girl really doesn’t know her strength. :o

Of pineapple & SpongeBob

So, during class, we were showing flash cards of fruits to introduce different fruits to the children. When it came to pineapple, a boy pointed excitedly to the flash card and said ‘SpongeBob!!!’ out loud. We were all stunned and I started laughing. Other children seemed to be puzzled. I told him that he’s not wrong, because SpongeBob really does live inside a pineapple.

I think education doesn’t have to be so one-dimensional but we often got caught up in it. Being able to relate to what a person knows is a huge step too. Instead of just telling them off, I choose to explain to them. After all, everyone has only one childhood. Besides that, I’m not putting him down so he will still be confident to share whatever he wants to talk about with us (I always think that when a person stops talking/sharing is the scariest part of all). I believe that boy will probably now remember ‘pineapple’ even better since he could relate to what he watched. :)


In support of the ALS Foundation (ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease), you are challenged to throw two packets of ice in a bucket of water and over yourself in the time span of 24 hours from being called out! If you complete this challenge, please post this on FB and call out three more people to pass the good deed on! If you decide not to or unable to complete the challenge, donate RM100 to a charity of your choice! Hashtag the charity and share it too!

Challenge accepted! A lil late to post this because I just can’t stand to post any unedited video and I have been OT’ing a lot these days. (I did it within 24 hours from being called out tho, just late to post.) But here it is!