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If you have not watched About Time, I urge you to watch it as soon as possible. It was one of the best movies I’ve watched to date. A little silly and a lot more to learn about life. It talks about love. But it’s not your average romance movie. It’s about the bond a family have despite the differences among each of the members. It’s about the love a couple shares, from merely lovers to husband & wife to being parents. There’s a lot more ideas were discussed in the movie but I can’t possibly be talking about all of them right now. I love how this movie makes me think so much about life after watching it. It’s just what I needed lately. Some food for thought. The British accent was lovely. & may I just steal Rachel McAdams’ wardrobe in the movie? They were all so beautiful!

When Tim proposed to Mary in a non-melodramatic setting, Duffy asked me softly if that was good and I nodded & told him that I would like a simple proposal too. Immediately, Duffy replied “good, that’s simple!” :oops: I like how we are in sync about a lot of things. In the movie, Tim’s sister, Kit Kat, has been having a lot of problem with her boyfriend and she started drinking. After she met with an accident and with Tim & Mary’s pressure, she finally got it. She knew she had to cut that relationship off to move on. I could have been like her. When she realized she has to date someone nice instead, she thought that’s going to be boring but Mary told her that it doesn’t mean  it’s going to be boring if a guy is nice. I can relate to that too. I supposed when you found the right person, you don’t think it’s boring. Things may get a little stale, but it’s not boring. In fact, you would try to look for something fun to do together. After all, it’s about the effort and commitment.

That’s quite a bit for a Saturday’s night. I’m gonna let myself sink into the thoughts about the movie and dream of London again.

Just a thought though. Maybe we all actually have the ability to go back in time to relive the moments we’ve had. Maybe that is why we experience déjà vu. That strong sense of familiarity floods over every once in a while. That exact nanosecond made you doubt if that moment was real. There, some food for thought, for you. Goodnight!

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