#2: It’s more than just a job

Last week, a kid acted out terribly. It’s due to denial of request. He basically bit two therapists. The bite marks were pretty bad that they had to take a jab to prevent any infection. Despite being bitten, they still continued managing the kids on hands and keeping calm. I admire their courage and professionalism. This is what most, if not all, of us would do after being hit, bit, slapped and what’s not.

I understand that many people respect us for doing what we’re doing because to be honest, this is not the easiest and cleanest job any proper college graduate would find. Most days we find ourselves sweating by being super hyper to motivate the individuals with autism to interact or trying to get their attention at the very least. We also got peed/puked on occasionally. We’re more than just therapists/teachers. It requires so much patience and passion for this job. All we ask for is really just simple and genuine appreciation.

Just in case if you’re curious, we (as far as I am concerned & speaking for those that I know of as well) don’t hold any grudge towards individuals with autism even though they acted out so badly and lost control that they hurt themselves and hurt us as well. We understand that they probably got much more physically and emotionally bruised than us. Honestly, we wish they could express in better ways than hurting themselves like that.

Only if.

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