#3: He left, without goodbyes

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I received a sad news on the first working day of the week as soon as I arrived at the center that one of my kids left the center, without any proper goodbye. All the memories were replaying in my head while I was tidying up his stuff at his station. He’s the kid that I’ve taken for the longest time. Nearly a year! & this was the last thing he made for me before he went away.

My heart is still aching about this after five days. It was definitely weird not hearing his voice and seeing him walking around in the center. When I had my Maggi goreng at a mamak place just now, I thought of him too, because I saw a little Indian boy. I miss you, boy! I hope you’ll be a good boy at the new school and continue playing the cup song which you’ve self-learned. I hope you know that I was and still am really proud of that. It totally put a smile on my face whenever you did that and I nearly teared when I saw you enjoyed doing that because you’re so talented in music and it was totally appropriate to do so.

2 thoughts on “#3: He left, without goodbyes

  1. b!!! hopefully ur kiddo gonna be fine :) and maybe u will see him again in the city ? :p
    people come and go in our life ..!! so hope u are ok laahhhhh
    talk on sat woohooo <3 XDDDD :smile:
    "CHEEERRR UP!!!!""

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