One of my best friends tied the knot! & it’s knot any R.O.M., it’s a tea party!

I’m just so happy for her! She has been with this guy since forever and they finally tied the knot since the time is right now. Duffy & I are so honored to be invited to witness the R.O.M. at such a lovely venue. It was also my first time attending a garden R.O.M./wedding. I wish them nothing but loads of happiness and a lot of wonderful & amazing memories together! I can’t wait to attend their wedding dinner.

Vonzie’s ROM + Wedding Reception

This year is a very busy year —- a lot of people get married this year!

Vonzie is a very special friend of mine. She is my sister’s school/classmate in Monash University and now they are co-workers! She’s known to be the very friendly and smart girl in my family. She is also a very important person between Duffy & I. You guessed that right, she & my sister planned that whole drink session and arranged for us to meet that night.  Well, Duffy owes her big time! Lololol.

Besides that, their wedding reception is easily one of the largest wedding receptions I’ve ever attended. They even had guests flown all around the world! I learned so much when I attended wedding receptions. I learned about my preference for my (imaginary) wedding. I used to think that I want a big grand wedding but… Let’s just put it this way, I don’t think we have enough guests to fill up the room!

Anyway, here’s to Vonzie & Tiong. (Both friendly people and super tall!!! I think they’re my tallest friends!) Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Tiong! May both of you be blessed with all the love & happiness for the years to come!

Vonzie’s ROM

Are they not tall! 

Vonzie’s Wedding Reception

Mel’s Bridal Shower + Wedding Reception

Another one got hitched! I was sort of the “appointed” photographer for her bridal shower (HAHA). I did the banner & some props for her bridal shower. Great achievement for me! Craft’s level – level up! :D

These are only some of the pictures from that night… I don’t know her other friends/colleagues/family members so it’s quite awkward for me to post them here.

Mel’s Bridal Shower 

le bride :D

the shortest bridesmaid & le bride

maid of honor & le bride

bride & Hwei Ling (another bridesmaid)

couple x married couple


literally MICHAEL x JACKSON *inside joke

i really, really like pinwheels

friends since 8 years.

groom & bride x all the bridesmaids

bridesmaids with le bride

& if you’re wondering why Duffy & I dressed so casually because I heard it was supposed to be a casual bridal shower. I was actually panic when I saw the bridesmaids dressed up! So here’s a lesson to learn, everyone! It’s always better to overdress than underdress!

 Mel’s Wedding Reception

Super gorgeous!!! /wipe tears

The above 2 photos are from her hired photographer and sadly even the only one I’m in can only see my blazer & hair. Fml. Actually we took more pictures together but she doesn’t have the time to send us yet. So yeah… & below are the rest of the pictures I took with my own camera.


Cheryl dear

#LOTD, baby!

wearing tweed peplum dress from Zara, heels from Charles & Keith, clutch from LV, earrings from Topshop, necklace from Swarovski.

Wrist corsage: priceless.

awwyeah #FOTD!

I did something different, instead of just brown/black eyeshadow or plain ol’ cateye-liner. I decided to go OD on shimmery pearl eyeshadow + purple eyeshadow & then ended it with cateye-liner and slight tangerine pink lips color. :)