Hatha Yoga Part 1

Right now, having  Clinique Emergency Mask because I have breakout again.


Anyway! I just did my first Hatha Yoga and nearly died in the class. -___-

I read online and it’s supposed to be one of the basic classes for Yoga. It concentrates on breathing, stretching & meditation.

Boy, that was really a lot of stretching going on! I thought I was gonna be twisted or break a bone or something.

But the instructor was TOO nice. He actually looks like Alex Toh, but a very zen version of Alex Toh.

I’m thinking of picking up Yoga as well…

Friends who know me well enough would know that Yoga is not my thing but… I think I need to find my inner peace.

I am too angry to live in Malaysia.

I’m supposed to be tanned and happy in Malaysia since we have summer all year round.


Well, I’ve been updating a lot lately.

I don’t know.

I just feel like writing when I’m real emo.


No pictures lately because I seldom hang out with friends, or hang out with friends whom don’t like to have picture taken.


It’s funny how things happen in life.

I’ve been meeting and seeing old friends… Heck, I’m even (kind of) working with one of them.

It was so weird to send formal business request to him.

It just got me thinking that we all really grew up now. All working and talking about saving money for houses & investment & weddings/marriages.

& me?

I don’t know. Short-term goal is to work hard & save more $$$ & go travel & see the world! *___*

I’m picking up so many things lately but I still think I’m not occupied enough.

I still find time in between to think of silly stuff & get upset with it.

That’s just me. :)

Hopefully Yoga will help to provide more +ve energy to me. Soon.