You’re one brave girl!


On this beautiful Sunday, I’d like to thank the universe & God and everyone else who have been helping and praying for Jingle. We brought her for a review at the hospital today and we’re so glad that Jingle’s wounds are all healing well! But she has to wear sock/shoe for that wounded paw to provide cushion and protection as her pads are mostly gone due to the earlier infection that led to gangrene. Dr said she’s amazing because she is willing to put her foot down and uses it all by herself. So kudos to her for being brave albeit being traumatized! /throws confetti everywhere!!!

By the way, she jumped and hugged me today and my tummy is now quite painful… This girl really doesn’t know her strength. :o

Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is always an occasion I hold dear to my heart. It’s an occasion for family members to gather and catch up with each other. It starts with the night before the first day of Chinese New Year. It’s called Reunion Dinner. Family members will go home for the reunion dinner. It’s usually a huge feast where we celebrate and be grateful for our blessings for the past year and hope that we will have good health and good fortune in the upcoming year. There were times when I wasn’t able to celebrate with my family because I was away to study abroad. I celebrated it with my friends then.


My family is really awesome! They sent me cards all the time. It felt really warm and sweet especially when I received Chinese New Year cards from them. All those cards reminded me that I wasn’t alone out there. I was just out there experiencing and getting more exposures for my own good.



We missed home so much that we tried to recreate the atmosphere as close as we could.

Chinese New Year is a huge thing to, of course, Chinese. That’s when we go all out for it. It’s the time you’ll see us splurging on snacks, beverages, a lot of meat and food. On top of that, new clothes and shoes are a must as well! Some even go all the way to buying new bed sheets and pajamas too! If you notice, red is the preferred color for Chinese New Year. It’s supposed to bring good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year. Therefore, new personal belongings are preferred to be in red or be really colorful.

Just like most of the Chinese families, my parents always brought us for shopping when it’s nearing Chinese New Year. Now that I’m much older, I do my own shopping. Even when I was in the States, I did it still. Although I’m very much into monotone these days, I plan to wear some colors for the Chinese New Year just so I have a great year ahead with everything sail smoothly. However, if you know about the passing of my po po on the first day of this year, we aren’t supposed to celebrate Chinese New Year. After talking to my mom, she agreed that we should still wear some colors for Chinese New Year, at least on the first day of Chinese New Year. Not in an exaggerated way, of course! Therefore, I’ll be wearing some monotone outfits but I’m thinking of brightening up my outfits a bit with accessories.


While most of us are busy with work and errands since we are only about half a month in this New Year, shopping for new clothes online is a fantastic option! We don’t have to waste our time squeezing through the traffic and hopping from one shopping mall to another shopping mall only to find ourselves roaming in the parking area looking for a parking slot. It’s tiring and exhausting. It’ll only add more stress on us for Chinese New Year. Fortunately, Zalora is currently offering Chinese New Year collection. That makes shopping at Zalora a great idea! Zalora offers a wide selection of red clothing for both female and male. I’ve been browsing through their Chinese New Year collection, I have to say everything is so ang (red in Hokkien) and pretty that I’m even debating if I should ditch monotone!

Personally, I really like EZRA’s collection. Especially Short Sleeved Fitted Lace DressLace Yoke Fitted Top and Lace Lantern Skirt. They are really functional as they can be worn to many occasions such as formal events like wedding dinners or even a casual day out with my girlfriends! I also think the Short Sleeved Fitted Lace Dress will be perfect for a date night. Lace is just so classy and feminine. Besides that, the pricing for EZRA’s Chinese New Year collection isn’t bad at all! In fact, I think they’re quite affordable. My inner aunty-ism is totally screaming right now!

If you’re like me looking for accessories to spice up your outfits, fret not! Zalora is also offering a really nice variety of accessories in their Chinese New Year collection. Well, I’m a huge ring person. & I think this KLF RASALAS Ring looks really lovely. Gem Encrusted Necklace and Multicolor Exaggerated Circle Pendant Necklaces are going to enhance your pretty tops as well. They are so vibrant but still classy. Either one of them should look good with one of those boring dresses that every girl has in their wardrobes too.

Alright, now if you would excuse me, I’m gonna head to Zalora to check out more of their Chinese New Year collection! Toodles! ;)

The care package

I have been sick since last Sunday’s night after dinner. I struggle between taking a medical leave to rest and going to work every day this week. My temperature fluctuates every day. I usually get fever in the evening after work. It hit 37.8*C on Wednesday’s night and before I went home from work, my co-workers commented that I was flushing. It was bad that night. I could feel it. Mom made me Barley and some other herbal drink but they all took a while to work. I started to get body ache since then. I am just so tired.

Before my term break, I was sick too. Duffy surprised me by bringing herbal tea “Wong Lou Kat” (王老吉) and Longan herbal tea to my house for me! He kept reminding me that I must take Wong Lou Kat first before I take the Longan herbal tea. #先苦後甜

One month later, I am now sick again. He surprised me again by delivering the exact same care package! This time he was more sneaky! He Whatsapp me that he’s already home so I FaceTime not knowing that he’s actually already sitting at the living room with my mom. He answered my call and he went “HI! SAY HI TO YOUR MOM!” and I totally went dafuq. I finally registered that in my head that he’s right here in my house. Nevertheless, he reminded me again that I  must take Wong Lou Kat first before I take the Longan herbal tea. Naggy as ever but sweet as ever too. <3

Sometimes it’s all these little things in life make the happiest memories of all.