You’re one brave girl!


On this beautiful Sunday, I’d like to thank the universe & God and everyone else who have been helping and praying for Jingle. We brought her for a review at the hospital today and we’re so glad that Jingle’s wounds are all healing well! But she has to wear sock/shoe for that wounded paw to provide cushion and protection as her pads are mostly gone due to the earlier infection that led to gangrene. Dr said she’s amazing because she is willing to put her foot down and uses it all by herself. So kudos to her for being brave albeit being traumatized! /throws confetti everywhere!!!

By the way, she jumped and hugged me today and my tummy is now quite painful… This girl really doesn’t know her strength. :o

Hopped into the Year of Rabbit

Pre, during & post Chinese New Year of 2011.

MI’s map! Didn’t know that Hush Puppies’ headquarter is at Michigan.

We did the reunion dinner in a very special way.


My cousin’s dog which is very obedient & amazingly smart.

[home sweet home]

Only get to eat this once in a year.

Fake kennel, painted by lil brother.

& not forgetting the ang pao!

A very simple Chinese New Year but we spent days together which is hard these days with dad working out of town, sister working everyday, brother who was working everyday, and I was/am working as well.

Days like these become so precious for us to rest and catch up with each other.

Such is the sad reality of real people. But we all should be glad that we have a job, & we still have each other.

p/s: pray for japan.

Daddy’s Back!

Jingle was so happy to see dad this afternoon after a few weeks of not seeing him. Sometimes when I look at her, I wonder how it feels like when you don’t understand what the others say (human languages) and people left then came home then left again… In fact sometimes I feel so sad in the morning when I go to work. She doesn’t seem to understand why I have to leave the house so early and come home so late because I’ve been staying at home almost everyday for about a year.

Sometimes Jingle is so moody and doesn’t wanna take her food, I wonder why so. And I realized she’s probably just like us human, lose appetite because missing someone too badly.