Zoe Goes to Penang

Penang is always one of my favorite cities in Malaysia. There are a lot of delicious food and it’s always so sunny over there! It almost seemed like Penang is in a different country just because the culture and the main language (usually Hokkien/Mandarin) they speak are quite different from KL (we usually speak Cantonese/English in KL). I wish I could take a month off to stay there to explore the city. See you very soon, Penang! x

Zoe Goes to Tokyo

Visiting Tokyo had always been one of my childhood dreams. It’s also my first time visiting/going to a foreign country, that I can’t speak & understand its language at all, by myself. However, huge hugs to my friend for letting me to bunk in at her place with her family! Despite the foreign language, it really wasn’t that difficult to explore Tokyo using the train systems in the city. You just gotta be more adventurous and optimistic (& uh, maybe the Internet tee-hee)! I hope you enjoyed watching this video. & thank you for watching! I will definitely write more when I have more time to blog about this vacation.