It’s a very nice cute chocolatier that is perfect for some girls’ time together. The Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball was one of the best non-alcoholic Tiramisu served in KL. Click the video to see it in action!





LOCATION >> Garage 51

This cafe is inspired by many of the garages around the area. As I was arriving the cafe, it brought back a lot of sweet memories because I was once a student in Sunway University (it was Sunway College back then). Mochatella is basically a mixture of mocha and Nutella and it is their specialty. I loved it, especially because I got to control the amount of milk I poured into my cup of Mochatella since I cannot take too much of milk.




It’s not THAT late!

I swear I posted this on 18th of October in Instagram. Just reposting here because I know YOU will check out my blog! Hehe Nevertheless, I wish you all the best!

I can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. You’re the first friend (together with WB) that made me cupcakes for my birthday! It was a great surprise! We’ve travelled to San Frans, L.A., & Seattle together. I honestly had so much fun with you & WB. I missed that trip a lot! We’ve had countless of Korean & Japanese. We attended each other’s graduation day. Thank you for being such a great host when my parents & I went to HKG. Thank you for coming to KL as well. I hope I will see you & WB next year! Happy birthday, b! I hope you have a great day!  <3 <3 <3

A supershort weekend getaway

So, it was my first time going to Duffy’s hometown with him. Ipoh, that is. Ipoh is not a strange town to me at all but I’ve not been there for a long time. When Duffy asked if I wanted to go along, I was overjoyed! I needed a getaway and most importantly, it means a lot when your boyfriend made the move to bring you back to his family’s home!

I was really fascinated by the video feature in Instagram therefore I did quite a bit of videos during my stay in Ipoh. Even Duffy commented “you & your video”. We didn’t do much in Ipoh. Maybe because we were still recovering from the tiredness we had at work. But we managed to go to a few places and got my cravings fixed!

Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum (怡保明阁点心茶楼)

Funny Mountain Soya Bean (奇峰)


instant noodle his sister helped to buy from Taiwan

Meet HamHam!

anytime for fireworks, baby!

Nam Heong White Coffee (南香)


en route back to KL

It was a supershort weekend getaway, watched Shutter Island for the first time, watched Ratatouille for the second time, got to know his family a little bit more, met his sister’s hamster, and discovered the magic of black soya bean milk. <3